How it all began...

Wet Noses Natural Dog Treat Company was founded in 1998 and over the years they’ve become one of the leaders in innovation in the treat category. They offer everything from limited ingredient, organic dog treats to gourmet birthday cakes. Jasmine Lybrand (the owner of Wet Noses) is so passionate about continuing to innovate and bring high quality treats to the market that the second she heard there was an opportunity in the horse world, she jumped in with both feet.


Wet Noses joined forces with a horse lover and training facility owner and they began taste tests with 22 horses sampling their Apples & Carrots treats.  They received a 90% approval rate, so they proceeded to reformulate their treats to even better fit the needs of picky ponies.  After continued research and baking, all of their 22 horses loved the new treats and Pocket Pony by Wet Noses was formed in January of 2014.


Pocket Pony treats are all-natural, 100% USDA-certified organic treats that fit conveniently into a rider’s pocket. Pocket Pony treats are made in the USA (the family-owned bakery is located in Washington) using human-grade, American-grown ingredients. Our treats are available in a range of appealing flavors including: peppermint, pumpkin, oatmeal & molasses, and apples & carrots.


So, what makes Pocket Pony treats stand out from the many other horse treats on the market? They’re organic, for one, which means you know what you’re feeding your horse is safe. They’re also healthy and made from quality ingredients like real pumpkin or peppermint leaves, rather than the sugary additives that are common in other treats. The treats are also bite-sized, can fit easily into your pocket, and won’t leave behind a sticky mess.


Convenient, healthy, and made of quality ingredients. Pocket Pony treats are a great way to give your horse a very special reward every day.